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Best startup programs around the world

October 05, 2018
Despite all the changes happening in today’s world – wages not keeping pace with inflation, the end of the traditional career path, technology displacing more jobs, etc. – there’s still at least one way for individuals to create value and sustainable wealth… Entrepreneurship. Those who can transform into successful entrepreneurs...  Read More »

The Sovereign Man Global Passport Ranking

July 05, 2018
Obtaining a second passport should be a cornerstone of your plan B. On the pages of Sovereign Man: Confidential, we’ve presented you with dozens of country options and we’ve discussed the various ways to obtain a second passport – ancestry, naturalization, investment, and flexible avenues, like having a baby overseas....  Read More »

How to store and protect your digital life

April 04, 2018
Over the past several weeks, the Internet has been ablaze over Cambridge Analytica – the company that acquired personal information about Facebook users under the auspices of academic research. But then turned over this information to political campaigns, including President Trump’s 2016 run. This really shouldn’t be a surprise. Newsflash:...  Read More »

How to get a second passport

November 01, 2017
We're pleased to announce the release of a new SMC Black Paper about obtaining multiple citizenships. For those who are not familiar with our Black Papers, you can think of them as concise guides or briefings on a specific topic. We pack them full of actionable tips and send them...  Read More »

Turn your ordinary IRA into an EXTRAORDINARY IRA

October 04, 2017
IRAs are a special kind of trust structure that enjoy special tax benefits designed for individuals to accumulate savings for retirement. Most people, however, go with a traditional, ordinary IRA structure whereby they have their portfolio managed by a big financial institution. There's a lot more that can be achieved...  Read More »