Renouncing US Citizenship: A Comprehensive Guide

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It’s Election Day in the United States — not THAT Election Day, of course, but one which might still portend the insanity and mayhem to come in a year’s time.

In anticipation of that, today we are publishing a piece on relinquishing US citizenship. I’m not a betting man, but no matter who wins the Presidency, you’ll likely overhear a few vows to leave the country for good… and perhaps even make one yourself.

We recognize that permanently giving up being an American is a controversial subject. It’s not even a step we can wholeheartedly recommend. However, our job at Sovereign Man is not just to present you research on subjects that we’re solidly behind, but also to cover multiple scenarios and give you unbiased, clear information from the top experts in the field.

Whatever your sentiments about relinquishment, we think this article will give you much to think about. We believe it’s one of the best and most comprehensive reports ever published on the topic.

That said, renunciation is a big deal. And no place is perfect.

But if you’re even thinking about renouncing, as with all Plan B steps we propose, you might want to do your research now rather than later. Under a President Warren administration, for example, there’s a proposed 40% ‘exit tax on those who want to renounce who are worth above $50 million. That would likely mean a punitive exit tax on people who have much less money as well.

Personally, I like having multiple passports, so renouncing any citizenship, to me, means giving up an option. And it’s never a good idea to make a big decision from an emotional standpoint, which is why we recommend waiting until you’re sure you’re making a rational decision.

But as you’ll see, for some — including our friend Logan, an SMC member —relinquishment becomes the only rational option.

To help you decide whether renouncing is right for you, read this comprehensive piece on the whys, the why nots, the hows, and the consequences, of relinquishing your US citizenship.

We know a woman – one prone to fits of fist-shaking conviction – who screamed, quaked and repeatedly spilled her Pilsner the night the 2016 United States Presidential election results came in.  There, in a crowded bar full of fellow Bolsheviks, she publicly swore that she would immediately renounce her US citizenship and leave the…

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